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The IMTe™ Reports




IMTe is a trademark registered in Greece and the European Union.

"The IMTe™ Reports" are offered in an electronic publishing format selectively to a limited audience, on a non-commercial basis, subscription free and are an integral part of the business, economic and strategic consulting services of IMTE Consulting Ltd. and/or Dr.-Ing. Ioannis M. Theologitis.





No part of "The IMTe™ Reports" may be rewritten, copied or duplicated in any form or by any means or redistributed without the prior written consent of either IMTE Consulting Ltd. or Dr.-Ing. Ioannis M. Theologitis.

The IMTe™ Reports
IMTE Consulting Ltd.
by: Dr.-Ing. Ioannis M. Theologitis, Principal


2017 Publications

IMTe Research Report - 2017

Aspects of an Emerging World
A. Times of change ...



2020 Publications

IMTe Research Report - 1/2020

Aspects of an Emerging World
B. Times of conflict ...

Section 1
January 2020



The IMTe™ Reports
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