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The IMTe™ Reports




IMTe is a trademark registered in Greece and the European Union.

"The IMTe™ Reports" are offered in an electronic publishing format selectively to a limited audience, on a non-commercial basis, subscription free and are an integral part of the business, economic and strategic consulting services of IMTE Consulting Ltd. and/or Dr.-Ing. Ioannis M. Theologitis.


No part of "The IMTe™ Reports" may be rewritten, copied or duplicated in any form or by any means or redistributed without the prior written consent of either IMTE Consulting Ltd. or Dr.-Ing. Ioannis M. Theologitis.

The IMTe™ Reports
IMTE Consulting Ltd.
by: Dr.-Ing. Ioannis M. Theologitis, Principal


2023 Publications

IMTe Briefs IMTe Briefs    
Crisis in the Middle East
The wider picture
October 2023
East versus West
April 2023


2022 Publications

IMTe Briefs IMTe Briefs

IMTe Briefs

East versus West - Alliances November 2022 East versus West - The
First Act... - June 2022
East versus West
April 2022

IMTe Briefs

IMTe Briefs

IMTe Narratives

The End of Modern History
March 2022
Geostrategy in a World in Turmoil - February 2022 A Travelogue through Greece
 February 2022


2021 Publications

IMTe Research Reports

IMTe Briefs

IMTe Briefs

Glimpses into the Future
June 2021
A New World Reality in the Making - November 2021 Sea versus Continental Powers - Dec. 2021 2nd Ed.  


2020 Publications

IMTe Research Topics

IMTe Briefs


US Elections 2020
November 2020
A World in Transition
September 2020

IMTe Situational Reports

Beyond SARS-CoV-2
May 2020
COVID-19 (2)
April 2020
March 2020

IMTe Research Reports

Aspects of an Emerging World  B. Times of conflict ...

March 2020      


2017 Publications

IMTe Research Reports

Aspects of an Emerging World  A. Times of change ...

April 2018 (updated)      



The IMTe™ Reports
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