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Project highlights:

Establishment of and leading consultation  for a unique transatlantic collaboration in financial services

Implementation of valuable growth strategies for internationally active clients

Preparation of numerous macroeconomic analyses/global trend evaluation studies



Enterprise Greece

StartUp Greece


Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund

Athens Exchange Group

Pan-Hellenic Exporters Association

Hellenic Bank Association

Hellenic Statistical Authority (EL.STAT.)

IOBE - Foundation For Economic & Industrial Research

American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce

Hellenic Chinese Chamber

Companies, entrepreneurial families, businesses and international organizations benefit from IMTe’s in-depth technical expertise and experience in strategy and business development, predominantly in the financial services sector but also in other business areas. Examples of IMTE’s areas of expertise include:

 Global financial strategies for international business entities and entrepreneurs

 Advisory services in strategy, structure and compliance related topics in an international framework

 Innovative approaches to new business models in the European financial services sector

•  Project organization/management as coordinator and consultant, acting as a leading interface between investors, companies and financial services  providers

 Project development based on new innovative business models and business start-ups

 In-house research with reference to global economic developments

 Greece as a potential business development region at the beginning of a new golden investment decade

IMTE’s consulting services are linked to an international network of professionals specialized in the fields of tax, law and other auxiliary disciplines. Project development is at all times organized and coordinated centrally at IMTe™.



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